Welding Rods Prices in South Africa, Afrox Vitemax

The latest Welding Rods Prices in South Africa are now available at Afrox Vitemax company because it is popular. In addition, they are preparing quality rods for different purposes. In addition, Welding rods, also known as welding electrodes, are fundamental components in various welding processes, playing a crucial role in joining metals securely. Comprising a metal core coated with a flux material, these rods facilitate the creation of strong and durable welds. The selection of welding rods depends on the specific welding method and the materials being joined.

Afrox Vitemax Welding Rods Prices in South Africa

At this time, Afrox Vitemax has 11 different types of welding rods prepared which are used for specific purposes. Each rod type along with the price mentioned.

Mild Steel Electrodes:

Rod Type Price
Arcmate R 40.28
Vitemax R 164.98

Hydrogen-Controlled Electrodes:

Transarc 7018-1 R 82.06
7018-1 R 132.30-R 192.40
78MR R 159.03
Ferron R 139.87

Aluminum and Cast Iron Electrodes:

Afrox Ferroloid R 98.88-R 1,071.70
Afrox Transcast 55 R 85.20
Afrox Alumoid R 481.61

Cellulose and Iron Powder Electrodes:

Hobart Pipemaster 70 R 103.30
Hobart Pipemaster Pro-60 R 109.81
Afrolux R 233

Welding Rods Prices in South Africa

Hardfacing Electrodes:

Afrox 300 R 156.16
Afrox 400 R 219.36
Afrox 600 R 147.60
Afrox 650A R 244.12
Afrox CR 70 R 215.36
Cobalarc 1 R 285.55
Cobalarc 9 R 246.64

Low Alloy Electrodes:

Afrox 118 R 104.02
88D3 R 139.66
Afrox 98 R 170.16
Tenecito R 67.77

Special and Nickel Alloy Electrodes:

Afrox 625 R 2,195.47
Afrox C276 // // // //
Gouge R 222.24

Welding Rods Prices in South Africa

Stainless Steel Electrodes:

316 R 76.45 – R 243.77
309 R 325.15 – R 556.24
308 R 130.44 – R 299.79
310 R 342.32
312 R 53.33
3 CR 12 R 431.98

Afrox Vitemax is a well-known brand that makes several products that are used during welding. People who work in this field prefer this company’s welding rods because their quality is the best. In addition, you can buy online Welding Rods online from official webpage of Afrox Vitemax where everything is available all time. Moreover, many other brands exist who offer verities of Welding rods but most preferable Afrox. See above and collect all prices.

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