Sheep Prices in South Africa 2024

The Dorper breed stands out as one of the few ovine varieties characterized by polyoestrus, a reproductive trait enabling them to bear offspring three times within a span of two years. In contrast to the majority of sheep breeds, which typically yield progeny once annually, typically during late winter or early spring, Dorpers display an accelerated reproductive cycle. Further, Sheep Prices in South Africa 2024 some listed below.

  • Male: R2,300
  • Female: R2,000
  • Pregnant: R2500
  • Young: R1000

Dorper ewes exhibit a proclivity for twin births, a phenomenon accentuated by their innate maternal protectiveness. In optimal physical condition, these ewes adeptly nurture twin offspring with minimal difficulty. While instances of Dorper ewes giving birth to triplets have been documented, the practical limitation of possessing only two teats renders it uncommon for the third triplet to thrive.

Sheep Prices in South Africa 2024

The latest prices of Sheep in South Africa are different because depend on age and condition. So, some approximate price figures of Sheep in South Africa are given below.

Type Approx. Price Age
Male R2,300 12-24 months
Female R2,000 12-24 months
Pregnant R2500 12-24 months
Young R1000 3 – 4 months


The Dorper, a breed of domestic sheep originating from South Africa, is the result of a deliberate crossbreeding program involving the Dorset Horn and Blackhead Persian sheep. Recognized for its rapid growth and efficient meat production, the Dorper is esteemed as an easily manageable livestock species. Presently, it stands as the second most favored breed within its country of origin. Exhibiting remarkable adaptability, the Dorper demonstrates robust survival traits, encompassing high fertility levels and a pronounced maternal instinct. This breed is characterized by the harmonious integration of accelerated growth rates and resilience, underscoring its prominence in the realm of livestock husbandry.

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