Helicopter Price in South Africa 2024

Everyone likes Helicopter rides in South Africa but nobody knows about its prices which start from ZAR 59,44,894 to ZAR 1,75,29,818. You can buy helicopters in South Africa but its cost is different because prices depend on seating capacities and models. Moreover, some popular models of Helicopter which is easily available now are given below. One thing is sure each Helicopter model’s price, specs, features, and engine power are different, not the same.

Helicopter for Sale in South Africa 2024

At this time in South Africa, 4 models which are written below along with prices are in high demand because their prices are reasonable and easy to land.

R22 Beta $312,000
R44 Cadet $369,000
R44 Raven $490,000
R66 Turbine $920,000

Helicopter Price in South Africa

Robinson Helicopter Price in South Africa

The most popular Helicopter manufacturing company name is “Robinson” which has manufactured several models of helicopters till now. Names of all helicopter models with prices are given below.

R22 Model Helicopter

Model Type
2008 R22 Beta ZAR 3,400,000
2006 Robinson R22 Beta ZAR 2,800,000
2002 Robinson R22 ZAR 1,650,000
2003 R22 Beta ZAR 1,165,000
2007 R22 Beta ZAR 2,480,000
2005 Robinson R22 Beta ZAR 1,400,000
2008 R22 Beta ZAR 2,490,000
Robinson R22 ZAR 3,100,000
Dec05 Betta ZAR 2,325,000
Robinson R22 Beta ZAR 2,150,000

R44 Helicopter Models

Model Type
2006 Robinson R44 Raven ZAR 4,950,000
2015 Robinson Raven ZAR 7,250,000
2004 Robinson R44 ZAR 3,700,000
2009 Robinson R44 ZAR 4,900,000
2005 Robinson R44 Raven ZAR 3,350,000
2005 Robinson R44 ZAR 3,100,000
2008 Robinson R44 Raven ZAR 3,390,000
2004 Robinson R44 Raven ZAR 3,950,000
2006 Robinson R44 Raven ZAR 5,180,000
Robinson Raven ZAR 3,800,000
2005 Robinson R44 ZAR 4,950,000
2007 Robinson R44 ZAR 3,100,000

R66 Helicopter Models

Models Price
2013 Robinson R66 ZAR 9,700,000
2011 Robinson R66 ZAR 8,700,000

Bell Helicopter Price in South Africa

Today I bought a Bell helicopter in South Africa because its latest prices have been released by the company. At this price, government duties are not included. So, select the helicopter from below and buy from the company directly as well as also available in the market but in used condition.

Models Price
1980 Bell Jetranger ZAR 7,950,000
2007 Bell Jetranger ZAR 13,000,000
2000 Bell 206B ZAR 8,850,000
1984 Bell 206 L3 Update Soon
1993 Bell 206 L4 Update Soon

Everything regarding Helicopter Price in South Africa 2024 in applied for condition and used because the majority of the people are interested in purchasing in used condition. Today we have just given some approximation figure to the audience who are excited to buy but it depend on you. Before buy must collect the prices from this page.

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